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Welcome to Breathe Resort Live
(GMinteractive Resort Region)

Have fun Discovering Breathe Resort. Remember we'll help you in any way we can. Thank you for your interest in our fun and relaxing Resort. The overall goal of the Resort is to have the group members of *** GMinteractive *** be thinkers and to encourage new people to get involved with the fun that is available each day.

Remember, You and your friends decide how you want to spend your time, relaxing, dancing, boating, and exploring. There are many ways to freely use this region for your own peaceful quiet time inworld.
All events & functions are free & open to the public.

Please IM contact GMinteractive Resident, or Colorado Glasswing, with any questions. Also any creative ideas that you may have for our Resort are appreciated, as we are always building.
We value your input.


GMinteractive is one large 5x5 VAR region in the virtual world on OurGrid.Life

Chatroom Rules:

This chatroom has rules to keep things in order. If you don't like the rules, don't participate.
The rules are enforced at the discretion of our moderators (Breathe Resort Chat Helpers).

- This chatroom is for adults, 18+ only.
- Respect Breathe Resort and please subscribe to our channel.
- Asking for others to subscribe to your channel is not allowed.
- The language you use will tell your story. Please keep your story clean.
- Kindly Respect other chatters, and keep our topics nice for all.
- If we find you harassing others with spam or trolling, We will BAN YOU.

This live stream is used to:

- Help others survive at Breathe Resort, as well as sometimes in real life.
- Help engage and participate with everyone positively.
- Welcome new people, and maybe new neighbors into our national park resort.
- Help you join us online at Breathe Resort. We also have free Avatars.

Enjoy Your Adventure!

Come Join the Fun !!

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